Mr Anderson

My favourite teacher will always be Mr Anderson. I had him for both grade six and seven. He was crazy yet instrumental in many areas of my life. As a teacher who wants to make an impact on kids lives, I often refer to the things that made an impact on mine.....and re-use them. If I remember something I learned all those years ago then it must have been taught well. So, what was it that he did right?

1. My love for running, playing sports and being outdoors was affirmed by his passion for it as well. He gave me permission to start becoming me.
2. He never did anything in halves. Once we had a pirate theme and he filled one half of the classroom with sand so we could have a beach.
3. He loved to teach. He always seemed to be having fun.
4. He took learning outside of the classroom and the books and made it real. We did an archeology dig on the field (apparently he got in trouble for that), constructed stuff in science, and went on excursions.
5. He made everything into a game, or real-life simulation. We had a class currency, banking system and jury that would trial people at the end of the week for various misdemeanors.
6. He introduced us to a lot of random things - I picked up my love for graphic design and orienteering right there in grade 6/7

So, when I want to be a good teacher, I try to be Mr Anderson. Love what you do, go beyond the job description, be creative, make it real, and go a little crazy.

Thanks sir.


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