Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Longing for the classroom

I have been out of the classroom for over two years, and it's almost killing me.  Almost.  The deep, irrational longing I have for managing a classroom, designing instruction, and watching kids light up with learning and inspiration reminds me that this season of "other things" is just that.....a season.  The good part is that I also love the new opportunities coming my way.  I still get to design learning and engage with the profession at the front end as a university instructor.  Working with new teachers and outstanding colleagues is an honor and privilege.  I love my consulting work at SAIT, getting to lead the design and re-design of whole programs at the post-secondary level.  And the great thing about teaching, is that I can always pick up and day or two of subbing back in the classroom, which I indulge in from time to time. Sometimes it's hard to believe they pay me for it.

By why the doctorate?  I actually have a love-hate relationship with my EdD. Some days it feels like an ultra-marathon that will never end.  And sometimes I resent that fact that it has taken me away from the classroom.  But ultimately, there is something pure and exciting about formally searching for answers to the big questions I have about education and learning.  It just seems like the natural thing to do, like I am setting an example in pursuing knowledge and truth. I am not much of an academic but I do get jazzed about research philosophy and such.  You know, the -ologies and -isms.  Maybe I am a bit of a geek.

People ask me what I am going to do when I done.  The proper thing to do would be continue with academia, look for a high-level administration job, grow my consulting business, publish, or seek a university tenure.  I'll probably just wind up back where I started, in the classroom, a little over-qualified but doing what I love most - teaching.  It is a hard, but soul-fulfilling and honorable profession.

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