Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A fresh start

I had a very profound moment yesterday. I had the privilege of standing before 25 brand new education students on their first day of class. They looked nervous and withheld, but they all had a story that brought them there to join me in this outstanding profession. I instantly envisioned them all in their own classrooms, years from now, impacting my future through the kids they were teaching.

I could have bottled up the compassion, the hope, and the quiet enthusisam in that room. Not to mention the diverse narratives and years of varied experience just waiting to be unleashed on children. It's like being a candy store of ideas.

And all I could think was.....what an blessing it was for me to share that first day. I am going to teach teachers and I couldn't be happier, more scared, or more honored. So I guess those 25 teachers-to-be and I were all in the same boat. This is going to be my journey as well.

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